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Geraldine - A Volunteer's Story

Geraldine volunteers in the home of Roisin, spending time playing with her and giving her mum time to spent with her siblings

Geraldine volunteers in Enable Ireland Mayo Children's Services. This is her story.

" I began volunteering to expand my skill set and practical knowledge in the area of children living with disabilities in order to gain valuable experience that would benefit my future career path. It has given me that but also so much more! I volunteer with a six year old girl in a busy home environment which allows her mum time for her own needs and to spend time with this little girl’s brothers and sister. My role as a volunteer in this home is to facilitate and enable the child’s self-care, leisure and productivity needs whether it be helping her with her homework, playing hairdresser with her dolls, doing arts and crafts, or tending to her animals outside. A child’s main focus is play so it is important for  the child that they are having fun and enjoyment, as a volunteer I help facilitate the child’s choice of what they want to do and allow them to express their own imaginations through different forms of play.

"Volunteering with Enable Ireland has been and still is a hugely positive experience and one that never ceases to be rewarding."

On a personal level volunteering with Enable Ireland has given me the opportunity to work alongside a very dedicated and knowledgeable multi-disciplinary team who have the service users and their family’s needs at the centre of their thought process and planned interventions " 

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