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AT Services for Employers

AT is about supporting employees at work, preventing the development of work-related injury such as Repetitive Strain Injury, and promoting good practices in a wide range of work settings.

Assistive Technology is a tool, not just for new employees with disabilities, but for all employees who wish to maximise their potential at work. AT is a resource for employers and employees who wish to prevent the development of work-related injuries, and for employees who acquire a disability during their working life. It is also a powerful tool for potential employees with disabilities who have yet to secure employment.

We offer a range of services for employers and managers, including:

Workplace Assessment Service

Research shows that 60% of adults would benefit from adjusting their computer or work station in some way. If left unresolved, issues can lead to employees struggling to fulfil the demands of their job and/or experiencing lengthy periods of sick leave, at a cost to both employer and employee. 

Ergonomic and Assistive Technology assessments are important as they form an integral part of a good occupational health and safety management plan. Using both mainstream and specialised solutions to address the issues highlighted in the assessment can help employees in current or new roles, create job opportunities for individuals with disabilities, and create an inclusive working environment. 

Enable Ireland’s Workplace Assessment service can assist employers to assess their employees’ ergonomic and assistive technology needs, looking at both their abilities and their job specification, recommend solutions and help provide training and support to put these solutions in place.
Grants may be available to assist towards the costs of assessment, training and solutions.

Download the Workplace Adaptation/Equipment grant guidelines. 

If you would like more information about Enable Ireland’s Workplace Assessment Service, please contact us at or Tel: 01 2184100

AT in the Workplace - Resources

General Information:

•    Health and Safety Authority – general ergonomic information, templates and worksheets, may be useful to as a planning tool
•    Enable Ireland Workplace Assessment Service (see above) 
•    EmployAbility Service
•    AbilityNet – UK based charity providing a wide range of workplace related resources


•    Workplace Equipment Adaptations Grant
•    Employee Retention Grant 
•    VAT refunds on aids and appliances used by people with disabilities 

If self employed/starting your own business:
•    Back to Work Enterprise Allowance
•    Enterprise Support Grant 

Inbuilt Accessibility Features
•    Microsoft Windows
•    Apple Mac 
•    iPhone & iPad 
•    Android 
•    Chromebooks

Keyboards, Mice and Ergonomic Accessories Suppliers:
(Ergonomic solutions can include tablet/laptop stands, document holders, footrests, etc)
•    Kos Ergonomics             
•    Edtech            
•    Gannon Ergonomics
•    AJ Products Ireland
•    The Keyboard Company 
•    Keytools – Hypertec Ltd
•    Posturite
•    Keyboard Specialists

•    Most high street and online technology retailers now stock ergonomic accessories i.e Harvey Norman, Currys, Laptop Shop, DID, Elara, Komplett, Viking, Hunt Office etc.

Ergonomic/Specialised Furniture Suppliers
(Ergonomic chairs, height adjustable tables etc.)
•    KOS Ergonomics
•    The Back Shop
•    IKEA
•    Radius Office
•    AJ Products Ireland
•    Mercado Medic

Speech Recognition
Suppliers of Dragon Naturally Speaking (Market Leader, recommended for those using speech recognition as main means of text production):
•    Nuance
•    Business Electronic Equipment Ltd
•    Edtech 
•    Elara

Inbuilt/Free Speech Recognition options:
•    Microsoft Windows 10
•    Microsoft Office 365
•    Apple Mac
•    iOS Devices
•    Android Devices
•    Google Docs 

Specialised access methods
Including Eyegaze, head pointing, switch access etc.
•    Safecare Technologies
•    SmartboxAT
•    Inclusive

Literacy Support Suppliers
•    Claro Software Assistive Technology
•    Texthelp
•    Grammarly
•    Ginger Software
•    Lightkey Word Prediction 
•    Penfriend Word Prediction
•    WordQ 5 Word Prediction
•    Reader Pen | Scanning Pens
•    Livescribe Note Taking Pen

Blind and Low Vision Product Suppliers
•    National Council for the Blind Ireland
•    Ash Technologies
•    Freedom Scientific 
•    Sight and Sound LTD        
•    Dolphin Computer Access 

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Product Suppliers    
•    Chime
•    Hearing Aid Products 
•    iHear
•    Neill Healthcare 

Employer Seminars

Short seminars delivered on site in corporate partners’ locations, targeting information on AT in an employment setting. These seminars focus on prevention of work related injury, retention of staff who may have already acquired an injury/disability and solutions to accommodate prospective employees with a disability who enter employment. Includes information on funding and legislation.

Employee training

Half day workshops, frequently delivered to public sector employee/union groups who wish to understand the benefits of AT and how they can provide a mentoring role to colleagues who require AT at work. Includes information on funding and legislation.

Contact Details

For further information, please contact or Tel: 01 2184100

National Assistive Technology Training Centre, Enable Ireland, Sandymount Avenue, Sandymount, Dublin 4.

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