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National Service Owners Council

The National Service Owners Council is an independent committee within Enable Ireland with representatives from all areas where adult services are provided.

Our Mission

We focus on ability, not disability. We represent communication, advocacy and positive change. 

What we do

  • Act as a forum for consultation and partnership within Enable Ireland.
  • Work in partnership with the other stakeholders within Enable Ireland to improve the service.
  • Negotiate with Enable Ireland management on behalf of service owners.
  • Advocate on behalf of those service owners who are unable to advocate effectively on their own behalf.
  • Work with other groups of people with disabilities, nationally and internationally, in order to work towards a truly inclusive society.
  • Raise issues of concern for discussion and feed back to the local advocacy groups.
  • Develop work in relation to disability awareness training both internally and externally.
  • Work with parents and teenagers during the transition to adulthood.

Our Goals

  • Advocate on behalf of Enable Ireland service owners.
  • Improve external communication.
  • Maintain good communication with all stakeholders in Enable Ireland.
  • Promote disability awareness both within Enable Ireland and external of Enable Ireland.
  • Be involved in positive changes for the benefit of service owners and Enable Ireland.

Contact Us

To find out more about the work of the council around the country please contact Keith Hayes by e-mailing

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