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Blackberry Children’s Services work as a team with families to provide support to children and young people (up to the age of eighteen), with complex needs who live within their catchment area.  


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Blackberry Children's Services,
Blackberry Park,
Dock Road,
V95 PRR8



We provide support to children and young people with complex needs and their families.  We aim to offer support which is family-centred. Family-centred services:
-    Treat families with dignity and respect. 
-    Provide families information that allows them to make informed decisions and choices. 
-    Include active family involvement in identifying and accessing resources and supports.
-    Are responsive and flexible to family requests and desires. (Dunst, 2016)

We provide support across a range of settings depending on family priorities.  This can include settings like our centre, family homes, community locations and children’s pre-schools or schools.  

Our service is interdisciplinary meaning that team members from different professions work together with children/ young people and their families on common goals.  

Who is eligible for services?

Children and young people who: 
1. Are aged from birth to eighteen and
2. Are living in CHN 8 and
3. Have “complex needs” and 
4. Would benefit from the support of a team to reach their potential  

The CHN 8 catchment area includes Thomond, Ballananty, Kings Island, Westbury and some surrounding areas.

“Complex needs” are when a child has significant difficulties in learning or doing every day activities when compared to other children and young people their age.  

Children who are at risk of developing a disability due to e.g. a diagnosed condition associated with complex needs are eligible for referral to the team.

You can find more detailed information at

How do I get a referral?

Referrals can be made through your GP, paediatrician or public health nurse. A referral can also be made through a primary care team therapist or through another service such as Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHs). You can download a copy of the referral form at

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Mid-West Family Support and Respite Services

We have provided family support and respite services to children with disabilities in the mid-west since 1997. We currently provide services to over 500 children with intellectual, physical & sensory and autism spectrum disabilities in the mid-west. We have developed the service with the assistance of the HSE West and it is provided free of charge.
Assistance given in a variety of settings in accordance with the agreement of HSE West and available resources. These include in-home, community based or group activities. We also provide residential respite breaks in both Nenagh and Ennis.  

Who is eligible for this service?

Children with autism, and intellectual disability or a physical and sensory disability.

How do I get a referral?

You can get a referral through your Early Intervention Team, through Public Health Nurse, Medical Practioner or self referral. Please contact us for more information. 

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