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Kilkenny Children's Services

Enable Ireland Kilkenny are the early intervention service providers recognised and contracted by the Health Services Executive to provide a range of therapeutic and day services to children aged between 0-18 years of age 


O'Neill Centre,

St. Josephs Road,


056 776 2326



Enable Ireland, Kilkenny was established in 1980 as a support group for parents of children with cerebral palsy. The branch identified the need for the establishment of a centre-based service, providing comprehensive day services for children with cerebral palsy and other identified developmental delay.

Who is eligible for services?

Children who live in Kilkenny Community Care Services (based on the Public Health Nurse Area) Therapy Services Access Criteria : Children aged 0-18 years/or end of second level education with a primary physical disability or children who meet the access criteria.

How do I get a referral?

You can get a referral for a child to Enable Ireland Kilkenny through the Early Intervention Team at the HSE Community Care Service, your GP, paediatrician or through another agency.