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Children's Services Team

Our team provides a variety of therapy, education, social and family supports to over 8,600 children around the country. You will meet some or all of the team depending on your child's needs.

Who are the Children's Services Team?

The make up of the Children's Services Team may vary from service to service and depending on the needs of each child and family. In Enable Ireland children's services you will find therapists, nurses, educators, personal assistants, bus drivers, swimming instructors, administrators and many, many more, including:

  • Child Care Staff - Child care staff work with children individually and in groups both in the centre and, in some areas, providing at-home support. 
  • Consultant Paediatrician - The paediatrician holds regular clinics, seeing children soon after they are referred and then for regular review. 
  • Occupational Therapist - The occupational therapist focuses on the maximum independence of the child especially in relation to dressing, eating, playing, sitting, ability, mobility and perception.
  • Physiotherapist - The physiotherapist aims to increase functional abilities such as sitting independently and mobility. 
  • Psychologist - The psychologist assesses the child's general development, intelligence and abilities. They are also involved in advising parents on school placements, and behavioural and emotional difficulties. 
  • Social Worker - The social worker provides a counseling and advice service to families to help them with their practical, emotional, and social needs. 
  • Speech and Language Therapist - The speech and language therapist assesses, diagnoses and treats speech and language disorders and delays. These include areas such as eating and drinking skills, aids for communication, play skills and social communication.

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