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Enable Ireland Mayo provides social work  & family support and assistive technology services to adults living in Co. Mayo. 


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Co. Mayo.

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Social Work Support For Vulnerable Adults

A Draft National Policy & Procedures for safeguarding Adults with Disabilities was drawn up in 2014 by a national group within the HSE. This was followed by the HSE Social Care Division drawing up a National Policy & Procedures for Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons at Risk of Abuse which would apply to people with disabilities and the elderly. The social worker provides support to adults referred to the service who are potentially at risk. The aim is to minimise the likelihood of risk or its potential impact while respecting an ambition that the individual is entitled to live a normalised life to the fullest extent possible.  

Who is eligible for services?

Adults with disabilities who live in Co Mayo 

Social work support for vulnerable Adults - Adults identified by HSE who are potentially at risk and need safeguarding to enable them to a normalised life 

Assistive Technology - An adult who presents with an identified need for support with accessing high tech assistive technology to support their function in daily activities. They must also have a primary physical and/or sensory disability between the ages of 18 - 65 years.  

How do I get a referral?

Assistive Technology (AT) - The Assistive Technology Service currently operates an open referral system. For adults, this allows for individuals who meet the service entry criteria to self-refer or for others to refer on their behalf (with their consent). For children, the open referral system allows parents, teachers, therapists, medical professionals and others to complete and submit a referral with parental/guardian consent on behalf of a child. For more information, or to request a referral form, please contact a member of the Assistive Technology team at (091) 545 800.

Vulnerable Adults - Referrals are made to the social worker through the office of the HSE disability Manager.

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