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We provide child and family supports, Assistive Technology and therapy services to address the needs of children with physical and sensory disabilities and their families. Services are provided  in partnership with The Western Care Association and the HSE PCCC.


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Our children's centre in Castlebar is know as the Safari Club and from here we offer a range of services to children less than 6 years, residing in South Mayo, and presenting with complex needs. These services are provided in partnership with Enable Ireland, The Western Care Association and the HSE PCCC. The same partnership provides services to children residing in North Mayo from a centre in Ballina.  

For children over 6 years, with a physical and sensory disability, the Enable Ireland services are provided from community settings and in the schools. Each child has an individual service plan to meet their needs at that time in their lives. 

Who is eligible for services?

Children with disabilities who reside in Co Mayo 
Children 0 to 5 years 11 months  - Those children who present with delays in two or more of the areas of motor, cognitive, communication and sensory function and who have needs requiring ongoing team-based interventions, children outside of this criteria will be supported at HSE Primary Care level.

Children 6 to 18 years - The child must have a primary physical disability as a result of a neurological deficit or condition such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida , muscular dystrophy and require a team based service intervention with a minimum of two disciplines.  On assessment the child will be identified as having specific outcome needs which can be met by the services of Enable Ireland Mayo. 

Hydrotherapy - Hydrotherapy is provided as part of the individual service plan to children who may benefit from movement and therapy in water with temperature greater than a regular swimming pool. The physiotherapist works with children on a 1:1 or group basis depending on the assessed needs. The Enable Ireland physiotherapist avails of the facilities from the HSE and The Western Care Association to provide this service 

Assistive Technology - A child who presents with an identified need for support with accessing high tech assistive technology to support their function in daily activities. They must also have a primary physical and/or sensory disability between the ages of 6 - 65 years or with any type of disability between the ages of 0 - 6 years. 

How do I get a referral?

Children 0 - 6 years - Referrals to the Early Intervention service (EIS) can be made by any of the following if accompanied by reports indicating that a child has complex needs HSE Primary Care Team, GP,Public Health Nurse, Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), Assessment of Need (AON) Officer, Health Professionals in acute hospitals, Early Intervention Teams.                              

School age Services for children and young adults 6 to 18 years - A referral to the children’s services 6 to 18 years can be made by a therapist, teacher, parent, psychologist or any other health care professional.  You may contact the Safari Club, Tel: 094 9060234, for a referral form.

Assistive Technology (AT) - The Assistive Technology Service currently operates an open referral system. For children, the open referral system allows parents, teachers, therapists, medical professionals and others to complete and submit a referral with parental/guardian consent on behalf of a child. For more information, or to request a referral form, please contact a member of the Assistive Technology team at (091) 545 800.

Personal Assistant / Family support worker service - Referrals can be made by HSE PCCC case manager, Early intervention services, school age services, self-referral, Social work or Psychology by completing the referral form. For more information, or to request a referral form, please contact the PA coordinator at (094 9060234).

Assessment of Need under the Disability Act 2005 - Any parent who feels that their child (born after 1st June 2002) may have a disability can apply for an assessment.  An application can also be made by a legal guardian.  There is a provision under the Disability Act, 2005, for a personal advocate to be assigned by the Citizens Information Board (for more information call 0761 07 9000 or visit

Read the HSE’s Children’s Disability Network Team leaflet.

The leaflet is also available in the following languages:

Echipele din reteaua pentru copiii cu dizabilitati: Romanian

Equipes da Rede de Deficiencia Infantil: Brazilian Portuguese

Equipes reseau sur le handicap des enfants: French

Foirne Lionra Michumais Leanai: Gaelige

Lasten Vammaidverkoston Valjokot: Finnish

Siec Zespolow Wsparcia Dziecka z Niepelnosprawnoscia: Polish

Vaiku neigalumo tinkle darbo grupes: Lithuanian

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