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The Sandymount centre provides services for children with a primary physical disability and/or developmental delay. Services support children and their families and cover aspects of a child’s physical, educational and social development from birth to 18 years of age.



Sandymount Avenue,


Dublin 4

01 2615900

Depending on your child's needs, you will receive services through one of the following teams:
Early Services Team provide team based services to children aged between 0 - 5 years who have a primary physical disability, and their families.
Preschool Team  provide services to children who attend Little Pals playgroup and Montessori class.
School Outreach Team  provide services to children and adolescents with a primary physical disability who attend mainstream primary and secondary school.

 You can find out more about each of these teams and the services provided in the Handbook for Parents and Carers

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