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My Covid-19 vaccination experience by Padhraic Dormer

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It actually started on March 26th, when I received an email from Enable Ireland saying my Covid-19 vaccine will be on Monday, March 29th at 16.10 (ten past four) in the AVIVA stadium. The email also contained a map of the stadium, a 2-page Covid-19 vaccination checklist and 24 pages about the vaccine I would be getting (AstraZeneca).

Vaccination Day

Myself and my dad arrived at the stadium, I saw a lot of my friends getting out of cars and Enable Ireland buses, it was a bit emotional because I would not have seen them in over a year.
Then Jason Ó Reilly, who works with Enable Ireland Adult Services, pushed me up to security checkpoint No. 1. The man asked me for my name and date of birth (DOB).

Then we proceeded to the main reception and security checkpoint No. 2. The lady asked me a lot more questions, this took a lot more time which I didn’t mind as I met a lot more friends and I also met people I’ve only seen on Enable Ireland's Virtual Service Centre (VSC). After answering all the questions and talking, because I love to talk, then we made our way to the lift, we went up one floor to the vaccination rooms where there was another line and GUESS WHAT I started to talk again.

The vaccine took about three minutes.

After I got my vaccine, I was sent to an observation room, my friends were also in this room. I was delighted I received my vaccine, l was happy to meet everyone. As well as getting the vaccine, this was a good day socially too. So two great things happened in one day.

By Padhraic Dormer