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Life With No Limits Champion - Tommy Cole

Tommy Cole from Kerry Adult Services with a yellow Enable ireland t-shirt pictured outside a church with a blue sky overhead

Tommy Cole is one of our Life With No Limits champions for 2020. Tommy is 22. He lives in Tralee with his family and attends Enable Ireland Kerry Adult Services. Tommy has attended Enable Ireland since he was a child, and later transferred to adult services when he turned 18. We caught up with Tommy to talk about life, politics, sport, fashion and much more…

“Living with a disability can be tough, but Enable Ireland has been really good, the people are very friendly. I really enjoy my time there, I have been with Enable Ireland since I was a child. It was a big change going from children’s services to adult services, it took a while to get used to it, but everyone has been really friendly.”

“My disability means sometimes I can forget things, but not everything. And when I remember things, it can take a while for them to come back to me. My leg also gets sore if I play too much sports.”
“Along with some other people in the service, I set up the RISE event in Tralee. RISE is a nightclub experience with a difference, where people with all levels of ability come to enjoy a night out with their friends. The event was one of the first of its kind in Ireland, designed for people with physical and intellectual disabilities from all over the county to get together and socialise safely with their friends, and most importantly have some fun.” Tommy and the team were delighted with the number of people who attended. “We are already planning a second night, but Covid has put a halt to our plans. We want the second event to be even more inclusive than the first, where anyone can attend, we welcome mixed ability people.”

Tommy is a sports fanatic, and loves soccer, basketball and GAA. “My favourite team is Man Utd. I like Ole as Manager but we need to get rid of Ed Woodward (Executive Vice Chairman). I played soccer with St. Brendan’s Park in Tralee. I prefer being a striker, unless I am out of breath - then I prefer to defend!” A smart strategy, Tommy! “I am setting up a new soccer team in Tralee called the Mixed Gladiators. This will be a team of players with all levels of ability. We will play against teams from other countries in an international tournament being organised.”

Tommy likes politics, and predicts “Trump will be gone in November and Biden will get elected.” When we asked about Irish politics, Tommy said “the first thing I would do if I was Taoiseach would be to solve the housing crisis as people with disabilities have lots of trouble finding housing. I would get rid of homelessness. I love the fight.” Tommy has a good social conscience, and would stand up for the underdogs in Irish society. 

A self-described tech-geek, Tommy loves technology. “I can code and do software development, and can fix lots of problems with computers. But lots of people ask me to fix their devices!”

“I love travelling, but with Covid I can’t go anywhere. I’ve been to France, Spain, UK and Nigeria, but I really want to get to go back to Old Trafford to see Man Utd. play again.”
Tommy’s ideal job would be to work in technology, the world of fashion, or in sport. “I love style, but try not to make it too big, or over the top, or ridiculous. I want to look good today, but look better again tomorrow!”

 Tommy Cole lives life with no limits. “Don’t let disability get in the way of what you want to achieve”.