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Life With No Limits Champion - Leon Colmey

Young boy sits on a white horse

Leon Colmey is 15 years old and lives in Drimnagh with his family. He attends our Sandymount Children’s Services. Leon has been with Enable Ireland since he was 4 years old. He had a bleed on his brain when he was born, and he has had a lot of work done on his feet and his tendons over the years to enable him to walk.

Leon loves the outdoors and loves school. He is brilliant at spelling and directions. When you first meet him, he appears shy and quiet but his mother, Mary, assures us that he is the boss at home.

Leon loves playing with his Nintendo Switch and hanging around with his little nephew. But he has found a new passion and it has helped him come out of his shell and experience what life has to offer.

Leon, and other children who attend Enable Ireland, take a trip to the Festina Lente Equestrian Centre in Bray once a month to go horse-riding. A group of volunteers, who have a keen interest in the equestrian field, organise and supervise horse-riding activities in Festina Lente for members of our children’s services.

It turns out Leon is a natural and he loves horse riding. He had been horse riding before, and he remembered everything he had learned when he arrived back in Bray for his next adventure.

Leon received a rosette and a trophy for being the “Most Improved Rider” from the volunteers at Festina Lente.

Leon’s mother, Mary, said she is so proud of Leon. She had no idea how much he loved horse riding until she went and saw him riding. “It was very overwhelming for me”, said a delighted Mary.

Leon’s mother is looking into some other horse riding options in Cherry Orchard Equine Centre, so hopefully it won’t be too long until Leon is back in the saddle again and continuing his ride through life with no limits.