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Kyle Ferguson (age 9)

Boy in wheelchair holds giant red hanger with TK Maxx and Enable Ireland logos

Kyle is nine years of age and he has a twin sister, Sophie and a big brother, Evan who is 11. He is in 3rd class in St. Patrick’s National school in Wicklow town. Kyle has attended Enable Ireland for nearly the last seven years for physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Kyle has had a couple of hip operations at the beginning of the year so physiotherapy is particularly important at the moment. 

Kyle loves to play Nintendo games and his favorite character is Mario. He is part of the local drama group 'Myth' in Wicklow where he sings and performs on stage and he recently performed in the musical Joseph. His favourite singer is Adele. He also enjoys cycling his go kart. During the summer he sails in Dun Laoghaire once a week as part of the sailability group. He is also part of a frame football group in Lucan and once he is strong enough to use his walker he will be back playing. 

Kyle is the face of the TK Maxx Give Up Clothes For Good Campaign supporting Enable Ireland.