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Jack Macfarlane and The Longest Drive Competition

Boy in wheelchair in red top with man and woman on either side holding golf clubs

Our son Jack has been attending Enable Ireland since he was 10 months old. He is now a happy and confident 14 year old.

Nobody gives you a manual when you have a special needs child and it can be a tough situation to find yourself in unknown territory. So, when we were referred to our local Enable Ireland service when Jack was a baby we had no idea what to expect. 

Jack has no balance and so, has been a wheelchair user all his life.

I can honestly say that our experience of Enable Ireland right from the Early Years Services to now has been nothing but positive. Jack attended preschool in Enable Ireland and received intensive physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy sessions all these years. Enable Ireland has guided us through all of Jack’s primary school years and now into mainstream secondary school. There were many school visits by the team over the years ensuring that Jack received the best care in the right environment and his every day needs during school hours were met.
It has been a fun place over the years too with summer camps and group therapies which enabled Jack to make friends and meet other children with disabilities. For us, as parents, I know of very few services today that can offer the support we get from Enable Ireland. There’s always someone to answer a question at the other end of the phone and it’s never a problem. Our visits have been positive and always friendly, and it’s a very happy place to be.

When Jack was invited to be part of the Longest Drive fundraising campaign for Enable Ireland, not only was he chuffed, but we too were delighted to have the opportunity to say, 

Thank You Enable Ireland. What seemed a very long and challenging road ahead of us 14 years ago has been made a supported and happier journey because of you!

Linda Macfarlane