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Holly Finlay (age 7)

Holly is a kind and fun-loving seven-year-old girl. She loves dressing up, strictly come dancing and singing. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up and plays school endlessly with her little sister. Holly has attended Enable Ireland in Tallaght for the past six years. She has regular physiotherapy, occupational therapy and hydrotherapy appointments. She uses her wheelchair predominantly but can use a walker over short distances. She wears knee high leg splints and a hand splint at night. Despite her many appointments, Holly rarely complains and has a great understanding of what the therapists in Enable Ireland are trying to do for her. She has had two major surgeries on her hips to date and eye surgery last year. Despite this, Holly always has a smile on her face and a determination to be as independent as possible.

Holly is the face of the TK Maxx Give Up Clothes For Good Campaign supporting Enable Ireland.