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Grace* (4) has an autism diagnosis and attends Enable Ireland services in Meath. Grace’s mum talks to us about the support they have received as a family from Enable Ireland service and the impact it has had on their lives. 

“Grace is four and a half and her favourite activities are hopping, playing with water and singing. She likes jumping around on trampolines as well as couches and beds. She loves playing at the sink with her toys and dolls and spreading water everywhere. She loves playing with tiny toys, wooden trains and wooden puzzles, cups and bowls, playdoh, and water paints. She also likes organising things and putting them in order. She dislikes and fears noise.

We first came into contact with Enable Ireland in Meath through the assessment of need after a referral from the public health nurse when Grace was two years old. A wonderful, helpful and supportive team at Enable Ireland assessed her in a multidisciplinary assessment and started early intervention for speech and language, occupational therapy and physiotherapy as well as supervision by a paediatrician. After the diagnosis, she has continued with speech and language, occupational therapy and physiotherapy at Enable Ireland and she remains under the kind supervision of the paediatrician. We, as her parents, have had excellent training and instruction sessions in the form of various workshops at Enable Ireland and the Early Bird Course and find the support, encouragement and guidance invaluable.

Enable Ireland have taught us as a family how to work with Grace, to understand her, to meet her needs and plan for the best future for her.
Enable Ireland have 100% made a difference in Grace’s life. They taught us as a family how to do what's best for her and she is continuing to benefit and progress from the speech and language, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

In September, Grace will start at a new crèche and she will have a preschool assistant with her to maximise her progress. Our goal is to get her to the level of being able to attend a mainstream school with an SNA. In speech and language, we are working on putting two words together.”

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* Grace's name has been changed to protect her identify