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Elena - A Volunteer's Story

Elena volunteers in Enable Ireland Mayo Children's Services. This is her story.

"I started volunteering when I had some free time on my hands and saw an advert in the local library that Enable Ireland was looking for volunteers. I worked with children with disabilities before and really liked it so I applied and was very happy when I got my first volunteering position. My volunteering role includes working with children at home - helping with homework, art activities, etc. Sometimes I volunteer at the Safari Club where I mind kids while their parents attend sign language course, for example. I like to entertain kids, make their time in the centre enjoyable and I am grateful when I see that kids have lots of fun and maybe learn something new.

"It really is very rewarding to see happy and smiling faces and knowing that you were a part of it and that you assisted the child to achieve something."

I also get more experience which is always helpful for the career. With volunteering it is great to know that you are helping somebody to make life that little bit easier and enjoyable and that you have an impact on somebody’s life in a very positive way."

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