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Daniel Collins

Boy in orange jacket in a wheelchair smiling

Daniel (9) has Spina Bifida and Autism. He has attended Enable Ireland in Tralee, Kerry since he was three months old. Daniel will be going into 2nd class in St Ita’s and St Joseph’s in Tralee this September. He loves anything related to computers – ipads, phones, laptops. Especially playing his favourite computer games! His mum, Louise, talks to us about the support they have received as a family from Enable Ireland and the impact it has had on their lives.

“Daniel has been going to Enable Ireland in Tralee since he was three months old. When he was small the physiotherapy we got there was really important. We didn’t know what to do with him otherwise. He’s had the same physio for most of the time he has been coming to Enable Ireland and she is great. She can get him to do things that we can’t get him to do at home! 

He got his first wheelchair when he was 5. You don’t want you child to get a wheelchair but we realised that he needed it. Now he would be lost without it. It gives him great freedom to go where he wants to. Enable Ireland has helped us out with lots of equipment that Daniel needs to make his daily life easier. Everything from standing frames to hoists for use at home and when he is in school. 

Daniel has a lot of needs and he has benefited a lot from physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, occupations therapy and speech and language therapy over the years. We’ve been to all the services and courses at Enable Ireland since we started coming here. We know everyone here and they are like family to us. They’ve been a brilliant support to us.” 

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