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Daire Gorman – 4 Years living life with No Limits!

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Shelley was expecting her first baby. Her pregnancy was perfectly normal - morning sickness, exhaustion and cravings were the order of the day. She and her husband Kenny, had no reason to suspect anything was wrong when her labour was induced on 16 September. 

Daire was born by emergency Caesarean Section after a long labour. Shelley describes the moment her was her son was born. ‘Nobody said a word. I knew instantly there was something wrong. You expect the joy and celebration to kick in so when it didn’t, there had to be something not quite right.’

By the time I saw Daire, they had explained to me what I might see. He had no arms, and he was missing the Femur, which is the large bone, in both legs and the tibia in one leg. We were just devastated – we thought this was the end of the world. He was diagnosed with Crommelin – it’s an extremely rare genetic condition.

Shelley says ‘Even Google couldn’t tell us much about it which will show you how rare it is. We worried about how he was going to live his life this way, we were worried about how people would react to him and that he would never be able to walk.’

Following discharge from hospital the family were referred to Enable Ireland.

"He had his first visit at four weeks old. It was a comfort to know they were there and we had someone to guide us through this. Four years on and it’s like a home from home. We go in and out to see his physiotherapist and occupational therapist regularly and they’re amazing. "

Orla is Daire’s Physiotherapist and with her, we concentrate on Daire’s flexability. Because of the nature of his disability, this is really important – he’s got to climb everywhere and his little frame needs lots of strength and flexability to be able to do that safely. Mary Frances is our Occupational Therapist and she works with us on really practical solutions that make Daire’s life more fulfilling and more enjoyable .

Shelley says ‘To look at him now, nearly four years later, it’s hard to believe everything he’s been through and how far he’s come – he learned to feed himself, got prosthetic arms, learned to sit up, and now, I can barely believe he’s got his own power chair, which gives him so much freedom and independence.’

‘Daire turns four this week and what a great time to celebrate him and Enable Ireland – because he does live life with No Limits. When he was born, we worried about his disability. He thrives on his ability. He’s football and WWE mad, he goes to pre-school every day without seeing any difference between himself and his peers – he does what every other four year old should do and he does that with the support of Enable Ireland.’


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