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Arlo's Story

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Laura is mum to Arlo, aged three. Arlo was born 16 weeks premature in the Coombe Hospital in Dublin and at four months old he was referred from staff at the hospital onto Enable Ireland services in Tallaght as there was a concern that he was not reaching his milestones.  

“Enable Ireland have been absolutely brilliant from the beginning. Our first meeting there was with the Social Worker and she made us feel much more relaxed. It was not like coming into a hospital and straight away they started on intense physiotherapy sessions with Arlo to work on his muscle strengths. Then we started to see the speech and language therapist for help with Arlo’s feeding. He had sensory processing issues and was very delayed going onto solids. The therapist developed a plan for us to gradually work with him and get him onto eating normal foods. Now he eats anything! That was a huge step for us. 

Arlo was also slow to be able to sit up on his own and the occupational therapist worked with us on building up his core muscle strength to enable him to do this. She visited us in our home and set up all the equipment we needed here to support Arlo. Frequently we would get a double home visit from the occupational therapist and the speech and language therapist. Which was great for us as it just makes life easier than having to attend multiple appointments when you have young children at home!

Our physiotherapist worked with Arlo on crawling and then on walking with a frame to support him. He took his first unaided steps just three weeks ago. We never thought we would see that day come and we know that we would not have been able to do it without the support of the Enable Ireland team in Tallaght. 

I’ve availed of all the services there. At one point, we went to a difficult phase where Arlo was not sleeping at all and I was exhausted. I rang my GP on a Friday afternoon and he told me to come back on Monday. I didn’t know how I would get through another night, let along the whole weekend so I rang Enable Ireland. The receptionist put me through to the psychologist and she talked me through a plan to get me through the weekend until she could call out to me on Monday. That’s just one example on how you can rely on them to support you when you most need it. 

Since September, Arlo has been attending the Enable Ireland Early Education Group for two days a week and a mainstream pre-school for the other three. The difference in his progress since then is amazing! His speech has come on so much and he has started to talk now and put sentences together. It’s just brilliant to see how much he has come on.   
He’s a typical busy boy. Not interested in sitting down for a second and motorbike obsessed! 

We really couldn’t have asked for a better service for Arlo. I wouldn’t have managed without their support. Arlo loves coming to the service and he practically runs in the door to appointments!”