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Arlo (age 4) Supports Homesense Hang A Bauble Christmas 2019

Young boy in blue tracksuit and glasses walks along a path using a walker

This Christmas, customers at Homesense stores in Cork and Blanchardstown can donate €1 and hang a paper bauble on their special instore Christmas trees. All the funds raised go towards supporting our Children’s Services in Dublin South West and Cork. Every year these services support hundreds of children with disabilities like Arlo (age 4) from Dublin.

"Arlo (age 4) has attended Enable Ireland Dublin South West since he was discharged from the Coombe hospital after being born 16 weeks premature. There was a huge concern that Arlo wasn’t reaching his milestones.  We linked in with the social worker in Enable Ireland at first and a plan was put in place. 

We then met with physiotherapist for intense physio sessions, occupational therapist to work and strengthen his core muscles, psychologist and speech and language mainly to help with Arlo’s delayed feeding. Arlo struggled for a long time, especially with textured foods. Arlo has a sensory processing disorder but we’ve attended many of courses through Enable Ireland in Tallaght to learn how to deal and manage difficult situations. Sometimes we would have home visits and a double session which would help us a lot while we have another sibling at home. 
We’re very lucky that it’s mainly Arlo’s lower limbs that are just affected and the right side is worse than the left. He wears special foot and ankle orthotics to support him and a suit under his clothes for good posture. We always believed in him and pushed him every day that little bit harder and with his determination he started walking aided just before Xmas 2018 and can now walk independently but becomes tired very quickly. We’re looking into a wheelchair now for Arlo, for outings and trips to the park so he can still have all the fun and be included without getting tired quickly.

We’ve availed of all the services here at Enable Ireland Tallaght, from làmh courses, parenting courses to preschool and therapies. The staff here are like our family. They understand us and they treat Arlo like one of their own children. He’s come on leaps and bounds and it’s all down to them. All their amazing hard work, we couldn’t have asked for a better service for our son. 

Big thanks to all the staff at Enable Ireland Tallaght, we look forward to see what next year has in store for us and how much more Arlo can come on. – Laura Davis, mum to Arlo (age 4)