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Anne O’Brien combines creativity with business savvy to Live Life with No Limits

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Prior to having a stroke Anne O’Brien was an entrepreneur and ran her own catering business. As a result of her stroke, Anne now has aphasia, which affects her language ability, and is a wheelchair user. Anne also uses an I-pad as a communication device to speak. Through Enable Ireland Anne now attends a Social Creative Community Group in the Tralee Women’s Resource Centre once a week that enhances her creative and social life. This experience gave Anne the idea to combine her business sense and creative ability. Anne, with the help of a volunteer, designs and makes cards for Enable Ireland Service Users. Anne charges €2 a card and the proceeds go towards Enable Ireland. 

Anne explains what living Life with No Limits means to her, “I ran a catering business prior to having my stroke. Living Life with No Limits means that I am able to adapt to my current situation by continuing to attend community groups, socialise and develop my creative and business sense to give something back to Enable Ireland.”

“Enable Ireland provide me with a four day service where my mobility, personal care, daily living skills, training and therapy needs are carried out. They assisted me in locating a community social creative group,  that I expressed an interest in attending and provide a volunteer so that I can attend this course weekly. Over the time I attended this course, run by the Tralee Women’s Resource Centre, I realised that I could develop my creative ability to design and make cards for Enable Ireland. Not only do I get creative experience through the course but the social aspect of it is invaluable to me. “ 

Anne has a message for the public during Life with No Limits, “Talk to us about our lives not our disability. It is difficult for me to communicate, being non-verbal, but with time and patience I can be understood. “



Support our Life With No Limits Campaign

Support our Life With No Limits campaign

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