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Adam (age 5) Supports Homesense Hang A Bauble Christmas 2019

Five year old boy in blue tracksuit in a wheelchair

This Christmas, customers at Homesense stores in Cork and Blanchardstown can donate €1 and hang a paper bauble on their special instore Christmas trees. All the funds raised go towards supporting our Children’s Services in Dublin South West and Cork. Every year these services support hundreds of children with disabilities like Adam (age 5) from Cork. 

"Adam is 5 years old and was born with severe osteogenesis imperfecta.  This is a rare, chronic condition characterised by brittle bones that fracture easily. Adam is of short stature and uses a wheelchair for mobility. He has been a service user at Enable Ireland in Cork since he was 8 months old. 

The Enable Ireland centre provides physiotherapy, occupational therapy and hydrotherapy for him. He also attends the eye clinic and the orthopaedic clinic there. The wonderful therapists at Enable Ireland have helped Adam to achieve many milestones that we often take for granted such as establishing head control, sitting, crawling and bearing weight. Their expertise, diligence and commitment has resulted in Adam taking unaided steps.  This is something we thought would never be possible for him at this age.

Adam's growth and development is consistently monitored by his team in Enable Ireland to ensure he can enjoy a fantastic quality of life and achieve his full potential. As a family, we are very grateful to have this amazing service available to us." – Fiona King, mum to Adam (age 5)