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Rachael Doak (age 8) stars in Enable Ireland Radio Ad

Girl in recording studio with large headphones and microphone

You may have heard an Enable Ireland ad recently on the airwaves. Eight year old Rachael Doak from Enable Ireland services in Wicklow recorded the ad for us at Windmill lane studios. We caught up with her to find out how she got on.





“It was really good. I got to go to the recording studio in Windmill Lane and to wear these big headphones. They call them cans. There were two rooms and I was in one and the lady was in the other. I could hear her talking through the cans. It was really weird to hear myself in the ad afterwards! I’d love to do it again and really enjoyed the experience. When I am in transition year, I’d love to come here for work experience.”

To hear the ad tune into RTE1, 2FM and Lyric or listen to it on SoundCloud