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Meet Hollie - No Limits Champion 2016

“Our daughter Hollie was born on the 13th of December 2011. When we first came to Enable Ireland in Kildare, Hollie was a year and a half and because of her delayed development she couldn’t sit up or talk. Since then, the services at Enable Ireland, and in particular the Assistive Technology, have transformed her life. She now walks with the help of a walker and in September she will be getting her first wheelchair. I was anxious about this at first but not anymore when I see her so happy and thrilled with her newfound independence. It’s a sporty, lightweight chair and she was even doing wheelies in it when she first tried it out.

Before Enable Ireland, Hollie wasn’t able to talk to us but now, with the aid of her iPad, she is able to let us into her world. Simple things, like being able to tell us that her favourite food is pizza, make a huge difference.   This technology has given Hollie a voice and has enabled her to come to life completely. She can even be a little bit bold now! Which is wonderful for us to see her personality shine through.

Last year Hollie started to attend a local pre-school for two days a week with the support of an Enable Ireland Special Needs Assistant and this September she will be starting in the pre-school full time. This is a big milestone for Hollie and again will be supported by Enable Ireland three days per week. 

We feel that the support from Enable Ireland has given Hollie the same opportunities that any other child of her age without a disability would have. It’s given her a voice and her independence. It’s enabled her to go to pre-school. At the start of our journey, we didn’t know what the future would hold for Hollie. We know now that Hollie wouldn’t have had all these opportunities without the early intervention from Enable Ireland. “

Hollie Kenny (aged four and a half) attends Enable Ireland Kildare for occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy and psychology services. She lives in Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow  with her Mum, Una, Dad, Anthony, little sister Grace (three) and little brother Tony (seven months). 

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