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Hints and Tips for Your Longest Drive

If you're preparing for our Longest Drive Competition, we have some hints and tips for you from our resident golf pro  - John McHenry

Tips for Hitting the Ball Further

•    At address, tee the ball high and put it further forward in your stance, and then tilt your spine even further away from the ball. This will allow you to more easily get behind the ball and STAY behind it at impact, imparting as much power as you possibly have into that poor golf ball. Staying behind promotes an ascending blow on the golf ball, which in turn promotes a higher launch angle and more distance. Tilting your spine away from the target, puts you in the ideal position to arrive at impact powerfully.

•    Grip the club more in the fingers, that might normally do. (see more knuckles on your grip). This will enable you to have a greater wrist cock at the top of the swing – and therefore more clubhead speed. Grip Pressure should be light as too much pressure will slow down clubhead speed.

•    Finally, in order to have maximum clubhead speed at impact, you MUST hold your wrist cock as long as you can, coming down. Releasing that angle in the wrist too early creates a tremendous loss of clubhead speed and ultimately distance.

Now all that’s left is for you to go out and practice for the Big Day!

Follow the link below to find out more about how to enter this competition and be crowned Longest Drive or Nearest the Pin Champion! 



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