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Enable Ireland Statement on Funding Cuts

Enable Ireland Concerned for Future of Disability Services with Latest Funding Cut
Cuts will affect front line services to over 8,500 children and adults with disabilities

27/1/2020 - Enable Ireland, a leading provider of services to children and adults with disabilities, has today stated that they are extremely concerned about the latest cuts of over €400k to their funding for services. Earlier this week the organisation learned of a proposed cut to the 2020 funding of their disability services by the HSE.  While they have not yet received confirmation of the cut in every area, it is understood to be up to 1% of their funding across the services.  This additional funding cut comes on top of an already underfunded service; the organisation is already carrying a budget deficit of €3.4m. Enable Ireland provide vital therapy and support services to over 8,500 children and adults with disabilities in 15 counties across Ireland. 

Responding to the cuts, Enable Ireland CEO John O’Sullivan said, “At a time when our Government is promising improvements to Community Care services in its General Election 2020 manifesto, the budgets of Voluntary Organisations are once again being cut.   Even before this latest funding cut we faced a serious funding deficit of €3.4 million every year. The need for our disability services is already much greater than what we and others in the sector can provide with our current funding levels. We have always made every effort to minimize the impact of these funding cuts to our front line services but the combination of rising costs and cuts to funding means we can no longer protect our front line services. These latest funding cuts to disability sector funding cannot be sustained without a reduction in services for people with disabilities. The impact of this cut will be felt by families and individuals across Ireland. It will mean reductions to our frontline services which include clinical and therapy services, respite services, day services and home and community support services. This may result in delays in accessing services, reduction in availability of services, for example reduction in bed nights available for respite or hours available for support, longer waiting lists for clinical teams which will lead to delays in assessment and diagnosis and longer waiting times for intervention.” 

“The situation for Enable Ireland and the disability sector has become so serious that the future of services for thousands of people with disabilities is now at risk. Along with other organisation in The Disability Action Coalition, we are asking all political parties and candidates to recognize that the disability sector is underfunded and in crisis. We are looking for a clear commitment from all candidates to reverse this latest funding cut and to eliminate the current funding deficits for our organisations by increasing funding by at least €20million a year.“