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Enable Ireland Statement on Budget 2020

We are disappointed that the Government has not taken measures in Budget 2020 to address the rising levels of poverty experienced by people with disabilities, many of whom are amongst the most vulnerable in Irish society. There is also huge unmet need in essential services for both children and adults with disabilities and their families that have not been addressed in this budget. 

As a member of the DFI, we support their mission to ensure equality for people with disabilities through the measures set out in their pre-budget submission including a call for multi-annual investment in community services. 

There are some measures announced in Budget 2020 which we welcome and which will benefit people with disabilities using our services, for example:

•    Investment of €1.9 million in special needs education
•    Improvements to the drug payment scheme
•    Improved access to pre-school for children with disabilities
•    Increases in home carers’ credit
•    Support to 1600 school leavers with disabilities
•    Funding for the Autism Plan
•    Increase in respite allowance.
•    Free GP care for under 8s
•    Free Dental care for under 6s

We await further detail on the above initiatives.

You can read the full DFI assessment on Budget 2020 here.