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Enable Ireland Launch Free Assistive Technology Course for Primary Schools

Today, Enable Ireland launched a free Assistive Technology (AT) course for primary schools! The e-learning course is aimed at people working within primary level education - primary school teachers, SNAs and parents.

This free, self-directed online course takes approximately 1.25 hours to complete and gives a broad overview of the areas where technology can enhance a student's learning and performance. It will also provide a foundation for the more in-depth modules which Enable Ireland plans to release in September. Enable Ireland will issue successful participants with an AT in Primary Education badge which demonstrates their continuous professional development and will mark their progress along their AT in Primary Education learning path. Enable Ireland has partnered with Microsoft in the development of this e-learning course.

AT can be a powerful tool in enabling students to make the most of their studies, and it makes students’ lives easier. For example, having text read aloud, dictating an essay instead of typing it out, magnifying text and images for students with vision impairments, and text-to-speech devices for any non-verbal communicators. The range of supportive AT devices is enormous!

To enrol in this free course, first you need to create an account here on our e-learning platform: https://enableirelandat.ie/login
and here is a handy demo video on how to sign-up: https://youtu.be/FtHRRuuGU24 

The course aims to educate on the many free, built-in features on standard Windows, Apple and Google operating systems and online services which can make a student’s life so much easier and can really increase their chance to succeed.

Speaking about the new training module, Siobhan Long, Manager of Enable Ireland’s National AT Services said, “Assistive Technology levels the playing field for students, and is often of value to the entire class, not just the student with a disability. Listening to a story being read aloud, or dictating an essay instead of writing or typing it, can make the difference between a thriving student and one who is struggling to keep up.”

Jennifer Doyle, Acting Principal in Enable Ireland Sandymount School has completed the training module and would recommend it to other teachers, SNAs and parents. “I found this course very useful and informative. It gives you a greater understanding of the specialised equipment and strategies available to allow pupils to successfully access the curriculum.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge and expertise in the use of assistive technology.” 

Enable Ireland’s National Assistive Technology Training Service has created other online courses too: for details see www.enableirelandat.ie