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Enable Ireland Donations Fall Victim to Weather

Enable Ireland is making an urgent appeal to the public for stock. Following the recent spell of bad weather, many recent donations have been damaged by the rain and are currently unsuitable for sale in the organisation’s 21 charity shops.


The organisation’s charity shops are stocked through public donations made through house collections, textile banks, corporate collections, donations directly into Enable Ireland’s shops and services and donations made into TK Maxx shops nationwide. The majority of stock comes through house collections and textile banks and has fallen victim to the wind and rain over the last number of days, resulting in critically low stock levels across the charities retail arm.

The charity is asking the public to donate specifically into Enable Ireland shops and services and TK Maxx stores this week.

Oonagh O’Conner, Commercial Manager, Enable Ireland, says “Unfortunately, about 95% of the stock in our warehouse is unsaleable at the moment because of the rain. Until this stock is dried out, our shops are in critical need of stock. Every Enable Ireland shop needs to put hundreds of items of donated stock on the shop floor every day in order to meet the need for good quality second hand merchandise from our customers. We’re asking the public to do a special clear out this week for us and make a dry donation directly into one of our shops and centres or a TK Maxx shop if they can.”

The charity are specifically asking for good quality ladies and gents clothes, handbags and shoes.