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Enable Ireland Children's services get some special visitors!

Elf sits on the ground with markers and paper in front of him

Enable Ireland teams support children from all over Ireland – but this year we’ve had some very special visitors come from the North Pole! Some of Santa’s Little Elves have been visiting our centre in Sandymount. Like lots of the children we see, these Little Elves need a bit of extra support from our expert teams to make sure they get all the presents ready in time for Christmas! Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing updates with you on how they get on. 

Here's our first special visitor: This Little Elf was getting into a lot of trouble in the workshop – he kept making mistakes when carrying out his jobs. The speech and language therapist found out that he had trouble understanding long instructions – especially if the words ‘before’ and ’after’ were used. Santa asked everyone to use ‘First, next, then…’ when giving him instructions – and to give him pictures or written instructions to follow. 

He’s just got an Elf of the Month award!!

Find out how all the Little Elves got on with our Children's Services Team

This Little Elf - Christmas Conversation

This Little Elf - Circle Time Preschool

elf sits on the ground with markets and paper in front of him

This Little Elf - First Then

This Little Elf - Inhaler

This Little Elf - Postural Support

This Little Elf - Pressure Vest

This Little Elf - Sensory Input

This Little Elf - Sibs Workshop

This Little Elf - Wheelchair

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