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5 Tips to Marathon Training Success with Olive Loughnane

The prospect of undertaking to train for a Marathon or challenge event, whether you plan to run, walk or jog, can be a daunting one. 

However, personal challenges, such as the Cork Evening Echo Women's Mini Marathon which takes place this 25th September, are valuable fundraisers for Enable Ireland and also a source of huge personal achievement. 

So, whether you are in your final push towards this September 25th or whether your marathon goal is a little further on the horizon, our good friend and World Gold Medallist, Olive Loughnane , has shared her five top tips to Marathon Success to help you achieve your personal goals. 

  1. Find an exercise buddy - training on your own can be lonely and you're much more likely to skip sessions if you have nobody relying on you for company. 

  2. Have a target- don't make the mistake of beginning without setting achievable goals. It doesn't matter how modest your goals are but if you don't set goals, you are bound to become disheartened and give up. 

  3. Reward yourself  - this is what's going to keep you going when times get tough. Whether your reward is a glass of wine, a meal out or a night under the duvet with your favourite book - you need to pat yourself on the back when you reach your goals. 

  4. Commit to an exercise schedule - you're less likely to miss a session when you have a schedule. If you're trying to fit it in around family and work commitments whenever you have free time, it will never happen. 

  5. Go to park run - these are a great way of testing yourself, mixing up your training and meeting other people who are in the same boat as you, which is really motivational.

Mary-Claire Cummins, Cummins Sports, Olive Loughnane, World Champion,  and Maria Desmond, Enable Ireland

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