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List of publications useful to parents, students and those working with people with disabilities.


Amos, Janine. Hospital

Brown, Tricia. Someone Special Just Like You

Osman, Trudy & Carey, Joanna. Where has Daddy Gone?

Carlson, Nancy. Arnie and the New Kid

Carter, Alden R. & Carter, Carol S. Stretching Ourselves: Kids with Cerebral Palsy' 

Civardi, Anne. Going to School

Civardi, Anne. Going to Hospital

Cowen-Fletcher, Jane. Mama Zooms

Duncan, Debbie. When Molly Was in the Hospital

Fassler, Joan. Howie Helps Himself

Foreman, Michael. Seal Surfer

Gaff, Jackie. The Human Body & How It Works

Gaynor, Kate. The Lost Puppy

Gray, Carol, My Social Stories Book

Green, Jen. I'm Special

Riggio Heelan, James. Rolling Along - The Story of Taylor and His Wheelchair

Keith, Lois. Think About Being in a Wheelchair

Lears, Laurie & Ritz, Karen. Ben has Something to Say: A Story About Stuttering

Meiners, Cheri J. Listen and Learn

Meyer, D. Views from our shoes: growing up with/ a brother or sister with special needs

Meyers, Cindy. Rolling Along with Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Mohler, Diana & Turner, Deborah. How Willy Got His Wheels

Moss, Deborah Lee. The Rabbit with Epilepsy

Muldoon, Kathleen. Princess Pooh

Parkinson, Siobhan & Teskey, Donald. All Shining in the Spring

Pimm, Dr. Paul. Living with Cerebral Palsy

Rickert, Janet. Russ and the Apple Tree Surprise

Rickert, Janet. Russ and the Almost Perfect Day

Ross, Tony. I Don't Want To Go To Hospital

Showers, Paul. The Listening Walk

Shriver, Maria. What's Wrong with Timmy?

Stuve-Bodeen, Stephanie. We'll Paint the Octopus Red

Thomas, Pat. Don't Call Me Special

Thompson, Mary. My Brother, Matthew

Van Dart, Evelien. Am I Really Different?

Varley, Susan. Badger's Parting Gifts

Westcott, Patsy. Living with Blindness

Wills, Jeanne. Susan Laughs

Language and Communication

Apel, Kenn & Masterson, Julie. Beyond Baby Talk: From Sounds to Sentences.

Cockerill, Helen & Carroll-Few (EDS), Lesley. Communicating Without Speech: Practical Augmentative & Alternative Communication

Dodington, Nancy; Manolson, Ayala; and Ward, Barbara. You Make the Difference: In Helping Your Child Learn

Greenberg, Janice & Weitzman, Elaine. Learning Language and Loving It

Pepper, Jan & Weitzman, Elaine. It Takes Two to Talk

Manolson, Ayala. Does My Child Have a Speech Problem

Martin, Katherine L. The Manual of AAC Assessment

McCurtain, Arlene & Murray, Geraldine. More Than Words

Ward, Dr Sally. Baby Talk

Wright, Felicity; Stuart Lynn; Grigor, Sue; and Howey, Alison. Spoken Language Difficulties: Practical Strategies and Activities for Teachers and Other Professionals

Parents & Family

Auxter, David; Huettig Carol; and Pyfer, Jean. Gross Motor Activities for Young Children with Special Needs

Beardsworth, Alan; Dobson, Barbara; and Middleton, Sue. The Impact of Childhood Disability on Family Life

Bryant,Tamera & Schiller, Pam The Values Book

Cohen, David. How the Child's Mind Develops

Coleman, Jeanine G. The Early Intervention Dictionary

Clarke, Alison & Moss, Peter. Listening to Young Children: The Mosaic Approach

Clarke, Paddy; Kofsky, Holly; and Lauruol Jacques. To a Different Drumbeat: Practical Guide to Parenting Children with Special Needs.

Durand, Mark V. Sleep Better! A Guide to Improving Sleep for Children with Special Needs

Elliot, Pat. Coping with Loss - for Parents

Ferber, Richard. Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems

Geralis, Elaine. Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Parent's Guide

Holbrook, M Cay. Children with Visual Iimpairment: A Parents Guide

Kelker, Katharin A. & Holt, Roger. Family Guide to Assistive Technology

Jones, Clare B. Understanding Your Special Needs Grandchild

Kennedy, Marie A. My Perfect Son Has Cerebral Palsy

Knight, Abigail. Caring for a Disabled Child

Lawrence, Denis. Enhancing Self-Esteem in the Classroom

Linderfield, Gael. Confident Children

Lutkenhoff, Marlene. Children with Spina Bifida - A Parents Guide

Marsh, Jayne. From The Heart 

McCann, Catherine. Who Cares?

McDermott, Jeanne. Babyface

Merriman, Andy. A Minor Adjustment

Meyer, Donald J. Uncommon Fathers

Redmond, Bairbre. Listening to Parents

Sharry, John. Parent Power; Bringing up Responsible Children and Teenagers

Sheridan, Mary D. From Birth to Five Years

Stuab, Debbie. Delicate Threads

Williams, Donna. Nobody Nowhere

Williams, Donna. Somebody Somewhere

Woolfson, Richard. Children with Special Needs


Davis, Ronald W. Inclusion Through Sports

Hewson Effree/McCon key J. Let Me Play

Lear, Roma. Look at it This Way

Lear, Roma. Play Helps

Lear, Roma. Fun without Fatigue

Masi, Wendy S. & Leiderman, Roni Cohen. Baby Play

Masi, Wendy S. & Leiderman, Roni Cohen. Toddler Play

Macintyre, Christine. Play for children with special needs

Miller, Joan E. Heller & Swartz Sue. The New Language of Toys

Moor, Julia. Playing, Laughing and Learning with Children on the Autism Spectrum

Newman, Sarah. Small Steps Forward

Specific Conditions

Attwood, Tony. Asperger's Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals

Griffiths, Margaret and Clegg, Mary. Cerebral Palsy: Problems and Practice

Finnie, Nancy. Handling the Young Child with Cerebral Palsy at Home

Gelber, David A. Jeffery, Douglas R. Clinical Evaluation and Management of Spasticity

Glass, Robin P. & Wolf, Lynn S. Feeding & Swallowing Disorders in Infancy: Assessment & Management

Harper, Peter. Myotonic Dystrophy

Holbrook, Cay M. Children with Visual Impairments: A Parents Guide

Johnson, Mike & Parkinson, Gill. Epilepsy: A Practical Guide

Lewis, Ann. Children's Understanding of Disability

Marshall, Fiona. Epilepsy: Practical and easy-to-follow Advice (Your Child)

Robinson, Carol & Stalker, Kirsten. Growing up with Disability

Sandler, Adrian. Living with Spina Bifida

Schleichkorn, Jay. Coping with Cerebral Palsy

Walker, Dr M. & Shorvon, Prof S. Understanding Epilepsy

Siegel, Irwin. Muscular Dystrophy in Children

Stanton, Marion. The Cerebral Palsy Handbook

Strategies & Policies

Cerebral Palsy Ireland (1995), Draft Code of Practice

Commission on the Status of People with Disabilities (1996), A Strategy for Equality, Dublin: Department of Equality and Law Reform

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Therapy and Medical

Aicardi, Jean. Diseases of the Nervous System in Childhood

Anderson, Vicki; Northam, Elisabeth; Hendy, Julie; and Wrennall, Jacquie. Developmental Neuropsychology: A Clinical Approach

Atkinson, Karen; Coutts, Fiona J.; and Hassenkamp, Anne-Marie. Physiotherapy in Orthopaedics

Auxter, David; Pyfer, Jean; and Huettig, Carol. Principles and Methods of Adapted Physical

Education and Recreation

Miller, Freeman and Bachrach, Stephen J. Cerebral Palsy: A Complete Guide for Caregiving

Smith, Lynda; Coleman, Valerie; and Bradshaw, Maureen. Family Centred Care: Concept, Theory and Practice

Bruni, Maryanne. Fine Motor Skills in Children with Down Syndrome

Bundy, Anita C. Sensory Integration Theory & Practice

Burns, Yvonne & Macdonald, Julie. Physiotherapy and the Growing Child

Shumway-Cook, Anne & Woollacott, Marjorie. Motor Control - Therapy and Practical Applications

Dale, Naomi. Working with Families of Children with Special Needs

Dormars, John & Pellegrino, Louise. Caring for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Gillberg, Christopher & O'Brien, Gregory. Developmental Disability & Behaviour

Greenspan, Stanley; Weder, Serena; and Simons, Robin. The Child with Special Needs

Griffiths, Fleur. Communication Counts

Henderson, Anne & Pehoski, Charlane. Hand Function in the Child - Foundations for Remediation

Kranowitz, Carol Stock. The Out Of Sync Child Has Fun

Lerner, Janet. Learning Disabilities

Long, Toby & Toscano, Kathy. Handbook of Pediatric Physical Therapy

Meyer, Donald J., Vadasy, Patricia F. Sibshops: Workshops for Siblings of Children with Special Needs

Odom, Samual. Widening the Circle

Sharry, John. Solution-Focused Groupwork

Slater, Alan. Perceptual Development: Visual, Auditory & Speech Perception in Infancy

Smith, Case Jane. Occupational Therapy for Children

Streeter, Elaine. Making Music with the Young Child with Special Needs

Sunderland, Margo. Using Story Telling as a Therapeutic Tool with Children

Young Adult

Breslin, Theresa. Whispers in the Graveyard

Crew, Gary & Hathorn, Libby. Dear Venny, Dear Saffron

Fisk, Pauline. The Candle House

Thompson, Tanni. Grey Seize the Day

Horgan, Dorothy. Charlie's Eye

Janover, Caroline. Zipper the Kid with ADHD

Jordan, Sherryl. The Raging Quiet

Keith, Lois. A Different Life

Koertge, Ron. Stoner & Spaz

Lovegrove, James. Wings

Lutkenhoff, Marlene. Spinabilities: A Young Person's Guide to Spina Bifida

McCaffrey, Anne. The Dolphins of Pern

McDaniel, Lurlene. I'll Be Seeing You

McKay, Hillary. Saffy's Angel

Mitchell, Jane. When Stars Stop Spinning

Morpurgo, Michael. The Sleeping Sword

Murray, Pippa. Hello are you listening?

Nixon, Shelley. From Where I Sit: Making My Way with Cerebral Palsy 1999

Nolan, Christopher. Under the Eye of the Clock

Snyder Travis, Karen. Christal - Coping with Spina Bifida

Trueman, Terry. Stuck in Neutral