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Upper Limb Orthoses and Serial Casting Course

Start: June 8, 2018 , 8:45 am 
End: June 9, 2018 , 5:00 pm


Course Description

This unique 2-day training course will focus on the theory and practical application of customised, thermoplastic, wrist/thumb/finger orthoses (splints) and serial casting for the management of the upper limb in children with neurological impairment.

The course will assist clinicians in understanding who, how, why and when to apply an orthosis or serial cast for management of muscle overactivity or contracture. Participants will also learn how to objectively evaluate treatment outcomes. Detailed course notes, references and orthoses and casting materials will be provided.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
1. Understand the latest concepts and terminology for distinguishing aspects of muscle overactivity in children with neurological impairment.
2. Confidently assess upper limb impairment (i.e. range of movement, spasticity, muscle stiffness) using measures such as goniometry, the modified Tardieu Scale and the Modified Ashworth scale.
3. Apply knowledge of upper limb anatomy to better understand the impact of muscle overactivity and contracture on progressive musculoskeletal deformity in children.
4. Understand when to consider adjunct interventions such Botulinum toxin-A prior to prescribing an orthosis or casting program.
5. Interpret findings from an objective upper limb impairment assessment to develop an individualised program for management of upper limb impairment including considerations for joint position and stretch; identifying the type and position of orthoses or cast; thermoplastic and casting materials to be used; contraindications; safety; and strategies to improve tolerance and compliance.
6. Improve skills in the practical application of upper limb orthoses and casts.
7. Objectively evaluate outcomes following implementation of an orthoses and serial casting program.

Who should attend

Occupational therapists, Physiotherapists

What's included

Registration includes a course manual, access to electronic copies of course references, orthosis and casting materials, and morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea on the teaching days.

Course prerequisites


General course enquiries

For more information on course content or if you have any questions about booking a place on this course, please contact admin@cpteaching.com

Local host and local course enquiries

Gina Daly, Occupational Therapist, Enable Ireland, Lavanagh Centre, Ballintemple, Co. Cork; gdaly@enableireland.ie
Please note, this course is strictly limited to 15 participants. Registration closes on Friday 30th March. No registrations will be accepted after this date.