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Sandymount Pool Appeal

 Support our appeal and help fix our hydrotherapy pool for children and adults with disabilities.  



Sandymount Pool Appeal

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Hi! My name is Rachel and I am 10 years old. I go to Enable Ireland Sandymount School with my friends. Swimming in the hydrotherapy pool is something we really look forward to every week. One thing we don't look forward to is getting changed.

Rachel, along with hundred of other children and adults with disabilities, benefits from hydrotherapy in the Enable Ireland hydrotherapy pool in Sandymount, Dublin. The pool is an invaluable facility but the changing area is not comfortable or dignified and is in urgent need of modernising. As well as a new building, the pool needs vital special equipment for changing and hoisting people from the changing rooms to the pool.

The estimated cost of these improvements is €950,000. We've already raised €492,000 - just over half way there and the promise of a new pool is fast becoming a reality but we need your help to raise the remaining €458,000 to make this happen. 

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Join with us and support the Sandymount Pool Appeal. Make an online donation today using the reference 'Sandymount Pool' to ensure that your donation goes towards our Pool Appeal. 

E-mail or call 01-2615923 to find out about other ways to support this project. 

Why is hydrotherapy so important to Rachel and her friends?

Rachel Cooney has been going to Enable Ireland since she was a baby, receiving therapies such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy, all aimed at giving her a good quality of life – so that she can have fun, have friends, go to school – all the things a young girl should have.

Rachel's dad, Fintan explains why hydrotherapy is so important to Rachel and her friends. “While Rachel is intellectually normal, her physical disability is severe. She cannot walk, talk or even sit unaided and she is fully dependent on others for every aspect of her care. She communicates and learns with an eye gaze computer."

Hydrotherapy allows Rachel to use her body in ways not possible in a wheelchair or on the ground. In the water she is free.

The benefits of hydrotherapy are:

Physical: The warm temperature allows muscles to be moved more easily and physiotherapy in this environment is highly effective. Also, having users suspended in water, allows them to use their bodies in ways not possible if in a wheelchair or on the ground.

Psychological: Being able to move independently and freely while suspended in water can be enormously liberating for people who normally have greatly restricted movement, elevating mood and opening their minds to their abilities.