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Life with No Limits

Join our annual fundraising and awareness-raising campaign from 25 September - 14 October 

Life With No Limits

Young boy in orange sports wheelchair competes in race

Our ‘Life With No Limits’ campaign will take place from 25 September – 14 October this year. We are asking the public to support our services by purchasing Life With No Limits' wristbands, handy trolley disc or balloons from Enable Ireland charity shops, TK Maxx stores and volunteer sellers nationwide. 

The campaign provides a platform, through media and social media, for children and adults with disabilities using Enable Ireland services to talk about how they live Life with No Limits while raising much-needed funds to support our work. Séan Nelson, age 10, is one of our Life with No Limits champions.  Séan was born with Spina Bifida and is a wheelchair user. He recently completed his first triathalon.

Séan’s mum, Sharon, explains, “Through his involvement in wheelchair sports, Séan has seen first hand how that needn’t be a barrier to participating fully in life. His ambition now is to represent Ireland in the Paralympics. I have no doubt he will. It’s really important that Séan has that belief that he can do anything he wants to. There is no such word as can’t in this house! I don’t look at Séan’s disability, I see his ability and what he can do.”

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Jessica Keegan is another of our Life With No Limits Champions. Jessica recently graduated from Mary Immaculate College. “My message to others is to believe in yourself. Sometimes you have to accept your limits but continue to believe in yourself and not let yourself be restricted. Getting a good support network around you, like I have with Enable Ireland, is really important. With the right supports you might even exceed your expectations!”    

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Prior to having a strokeAnne O’Brien was an entrepreneur and ran her own catering business. As a result of her stroke, Anne now has aphasia, which affects her language ability, and is a wheelchair user. Anne has a message for the public during Life with No Limits, “Talk to us about our lives, not our disability. It is difficult for me to communicate, being non-verbal, but with time and patience I can be understood. “

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