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Changing Places

Sign our online petition to make Changing Places Toilet Facilities Mandatory in public buildings

Changing Places

Sign our petition to change the Building Regulations to make it mandatory for public buildings to include Changing Places Toilet Facilities.

Watch this RTE Six One News Report featuring parent Aisling McNiff and her son Jack on why Changing Place Toilet Facilities are essential for thousands of children and adults wit disabilities. 

Why is this important?
Imagine being in permanent lockdown. This is the reality for thousands of children and adults with disabilities who are restricted in where they can go and what they can do because they will not find a toilet with the equipment they need. They often have to go through the indignity of being changed on the floor of a public toilet or stay isolated from their communities at home. Imagine not being able to find a toilet when you need to.

Changing Places Toilet Facilities are different from standard accessible toilets. They provide extra equipment like a hoist and an adult-sized changing bench.

In Ireland, there are only 15 Changing Places Toilet Facilities. There are over 1500 in England and new legislation will make Changing Places Toilets mandatory in new public buildings from 2021. In Northern Ireland, there are approximately 40 and the NI Assembly is now following England and has committed to amending their building regulations.

The Irish Government should follow the example of England and change Irish building regulations to ensure Changing Places Toilet Facilities are mandatory in public buildings.

Without Changing Places Toilet Facilities available throughout the country people with disabilities are denied a basic human right and continue to be excluded from everyday life.