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Things to do in April in the garden

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April is the start of Spring and there is plenty to do in the garden.  Soil is starting to warm up and slugs are getting busy.  Get your “Sluggo” ready.  You can lift and divide herbaceous perennials and try to protect early shoots from our slug friends.

•    Plant summer bulbs.
•    Feed big shrubs and hedges with slow release food.
•    Top dress pots with good compost, try “Living Green” available in out garden centre.
•    Mow the law on a dry day if needed.
•    Hoe and mulch small weeds now for a head start.
•    Plant and feed roses now for beautiful summer flowers and do any remaining rose pruning now.
•    Tie in any rambling rose stems now.
•    Start increasing houseplant watering as it warms up.
•    Sow lawn seed and repair any patches.
•    Divide bamboo and water lilies.
•    Pinch out fuschia and sweetpea tips for bushier plants. 
•    Deadhead daffodils but leave foliage to die back.
•    Prune forsythia as soon as it’s finished flowering. 

Fruit and vegetables

•    If you haven’t planted your early spuds on Saint Patrick’s day, plant them now.
•    Plant your onion sets and shallots now.
•    Top dress all your fruit trees and fruit bushes and patio fruit with slow release fertiliser and good compost. 

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Vegetable seeds to sow in April

•    The only seeds you can sow outdoors now are peas, radishes and turnips.
•    All other seeds will benefit from indoor heat so find a warm windowsill (south facing) if you can and sow all the following seeds indoors

Seeds to sow indoors

Winter Leeks, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Brussel Sprouts, Calabrese, Kolrabi, Rocket, Swede, Turnip, Lettuce, Perpetual Spinach, Chard, Annual Spinach, Spring Onions.  

Seeds to sow indoors with heat (Propagator)

  • Courgette, Pumpkin, Squash, French beans 
  • Around the end of April you can sow sweetcorn.  Start them off in small pots in a sunny window.


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