Enable Ireland Special School Patronage

Enable Ireland is the patron of two schools in Sandymount and Bray, where pupils often use locally available Enable Ireland therapeutic and support services.  In addition, the organisation works in partnership with the School of the Divine Child which is based on the Enable Ireland Cork campus. The Bishop of Cork and Ross is patron of the School of the Divine Child.

Patronage responsibility is exercised through leadership of Boards of Management in Bray and Sandymount, and through financial subventions, as and when required.  In 2006 the Board of Enable Ireland commissioned a review of school patronage which has resulted in a new statement of ethos for schools, policies and procedures to underpin that ethos and an emphasis on collaboration working between the schools and all other elements of Enable Ireland services.

Schools Contacts

Sandymount School

Enable Ireland, Sandymount Avenue, Dublin 4

Tel: 01-2615907

More information on Sandymount School

Marino School

Chuch Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow

Tel: 01-2829807

More information on Marino School

School of Divine Child, Cork

School of Divine Child, Lavanagh Centre, Ballintemple, Cork

Tel: 021-4294803 EXT: 219

More information on School of the Divine Child


Statement of Ethos

Enable Ireland, as Patron of Sandymount and Marino Multi-Denominational Special Schools for Children with Physical Disabilities, affirms its belief in and commitment to:

• the placement of the student at the centre of the educational process;
• enabling the student to live a full life;
• assisting the student with his/her holistic development;
• preparing the student for continuing and lifelong learning;
• empowering the student to realise his/her potential as an independent social being and self-fulfilled adult. 

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