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Conference on Paediatric Spasticity, Orthopaedic, and Postural Management

Enable Ireland Children’s Service Cork are delighted to announce its 3rd International Paediatric Spasticity, Orthopaedic and Postural Management Conference to take place on 28th April in the Rochestown Park Hotel. All our speakers are working in the area of Paediatric Physical and Neurodisability, particularly with Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, and Neuromuscular conditions.

Speakers Profile

Between now and our conference, we will profile each of our expert speakers on a weekly basis. So don't forget to bookmark this page! Last week we featured Josse Du Cat and Dr. Petra Pauwels and this week we are looking at the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust , Gillian O Dwyer, Physiotherapist Enable Ireland Cork and Kerry Crowley, Physiotherapist KIDS (Kerry Integrated Disability Service) and Samantha Payne . 

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

Reaching Out – A regional service and network approach for upper limb treatment in cerebral palsy

The trust developed a regional service to optimize management of upper limb spasticity in children with cerebral palsy. It used International Classification Framework and National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines. This service is led by Dr. Claire Lundy, Consultant in Neurology/Neurodisability. The service aims to assist consultant pediatricians and community therapy teams in the practical management of the upper limb in children with movement disorders. The talk will focus on an MDT approach to upper limb management and also botulinum upper limb pathway, postural control, lycra clinic and joint medical/therapy clinics.

In 2016, the trust won a HSJ award for the most effective adoption and diffusion of best practice Judges commented that communication between different parties improved, and parents reported functional gains such as improvements in children’s independence in dressing and eating. Judges were impressed by the “passion, clinical leadership, family involvement and impact on quality of life for patients”.

Tina Weston – lead Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist/Physio injector, Julia Maskery – lead Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist and Dr. Brona McDowell – lead Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist Gait Analysis, will also speak at the conference.

HSJ Awards 2016: Most effective adoption and diffusion of best practice

NICE pathway – spasticity in children and young people 

Collaboration in standardized assessments leads to the right service at the right time.

Gillian O Dwyer, Physiotherapist Enable Ireland Cork and Kerry Crowley, Physiotherapist KIDS (Kerry Integrated Disability Service) 

AIMS: Objective measures used to assess spasticity and need for medical or orthopaedic management/intervention is not standardised between paediatricians, orthopaedic surgeons, GP’s, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, specialist nurses and others working with children with physical and neuro-disability. Standardised measurement improves decision-making and promotes integrated care. This can be facilitated through a structured, integrated care pathway. The purpose of this talk is to show and highlight the benefits of standardised physical assessment in improved inter-disciplinary communication, decision-making, and outcomes.

Case studies will be used to demonstrate improvement in outcomes for this population.

Enable Ireland Orthopaedic Care Pathway was chosen to demonstrate an integrated care pathway at The Forum for National Clinical & Integrated Care Programmes. This forum provides an opportunity to discuss and share ‘new ways of working’ in the context of a person-centered, integrated care framework, and explore how care providers’ and service users’ roles are evolving nationally and internationally. Service providers are invited to present live examples of ‘new ways of working’ developed at local level initiatives and/or as part of the National Clinical and Integrated Care Programmes in Ireland.

All attendees will be given a link to standardised assessment and information on the day.

Information on Clinical and Integrated Care Programmes in Ireland -

Progressing disability services for children and young people: Guidance on Specialist Supports

Samantha Payne,  Paediatric Physiotherapist

Samantha Payne has been working as a paediatric physiotherapist for around 15 years. In 2013 she started working with Elastic Therapeutic taping, training with the Esther de Ru Approach and Kinesio UK on their general training (KT1 & 2) and their specialist Paediatric Training (KT3 & 4). Sam has since completed her MSc in Neuro Rehab with a bias to Taping and has trained with Esther de Ru to become a tutor.  

Sam will be speaking on the importance of assessment and skin for effective taping in neurological patients and the precautions needed with taping. A sample of kinesio tape will be included in each of the packs on the day.


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